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GoldSmithers Jewelry Manufacturing, represents over 20 years of integrity in the Jewelry business. It is our policy that our customers know exactly what they are buying and the content of all items we sell.

Everything manufactured and sold by GoldSmithers  is of the finest quality material and workmanship. All gold used in our manufacturing process is purchased in its purest form (.9999 form) and is alloyed to fully meet all Jewelry Industry standards including The United States National Stamping Act. Your purchase from GoldSmithers, is fully guaranteed by our company to be as presented.


GoldSmithers  has been committed to crafting quality jewelry products that stand the test of time and allow you to treasure the memories for years to come.

When you purchase class jewelry from GoldSmithers, you can trust that we'll stand behind
our products and provide an unmatched level of quality and service.

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